Qantas Learning Hub

Live learning gives you the opportunity to connect with the experts, grow your knowledge and build your skills. 

Our virtual classrooms are all about collaboration, designed to create an engaging learning experience for you and your coaches. 

To make things easy, we’ve developed a calendar for our live learning – giving you the freedom to choose what best suits your learning needs. Take a look below for our next upcoming Virtual Classrooms or browse and watch our recorded classrooms below.

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Qantas Virtual Classroom 7 July 2022 - 9:00am
Qantas Virtual Classroom 7 July2022 - 2:00pm
Qantas Virtual Classroom 21 July 2022 - 8:30am
Qantas Virtual Classroom 21 July 2022 - 2:00pm
Qantas Virtual Classroom 23 June 2022 - 9:00am